16 April, 2009

Updates forthcoming...

I have been really busy lately. I haven't had much time to post over the past few weeks, but I have plenty of blog-fodder since I recently did my big Easter Lamb-Fest.

I recently made some choices that should free up some of my time. Having all of my friends over to be fed was a big part of that decision. That's what life, for me, is really all about. That means even more posts.

I'm having so much fun doing this, that I'm starting to feel like it must be bad for me in some way. Let's hope not, I have enough bad habits as it is.

I promise that I'll start taking pictures of everything again. It adds so much to a post to have something to look at. I even have a few ideas for some interviews of local producers that should be interesting if I can sell the idea to them.

If that happens, you may see ads on my blog. Sorry, but if google will pay, even a little, for me to do something I love, then I will let them. I still need to sit down and really look at Ad-Sense, but it seems like a good idea.

For all of that, thanks for being one of my few readers and for putting up with sparse posts. Come back, tell your friends.

Until next time,

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